Brands 101: All You Need To Know Before Starting Your Branding Strategy
December 2, 2022

When people think about a brand, they usually think of a logo or product. However, a brand is more than that. It’s the identity of a company or individual, and it can be one of the most valuable assets a business has. It’s also how customers perceive your business, which can easily make or break their loyalty.

Creating and maintaining a strong brand is essential to success in your industry. For this, you have to be properly informed about what exactly a brand is and what its elements are. In this blog, we’ll tell you all you need to know about a brand.

What Is A Brand?

A strong brand is crucial to any business. But what exactly is a brand? A brand is the sum of all the perceptions and emotions people feel when they think of your company. It’s how you differentiate yourself from your competitors and build loyalty among your customers. Your brand is what makes you unique.

A brand is like a muscle, it’s always at work. You have to make sure it’s performing at that level and keep track of its goal reach and results.

3 Things Your Brand Does For You

When your brand is at work, it does 3 things for you:

  1. Attracts More Leads: A brand runs through the lens of the perception of the ideal client. It has to be magnetic, charismatic, and speak the audience’s language to attract them. Your brand has to showcase that you’re the ultimate solution. That your product or service has the authority to answer their problem. 
  2. Has To Show That It Resonates: A brand helps you show your audience that you understand their pain point. While trying to solve their problem, you can win them over and show that you’re the solution. 
  3. It’s A Powerhouse: A brand will attract leads, and then it’s going to help you convert. It goes all the way down the sales funnel to retain more business. Your brand gives the first impression of what your business is and what it offers. It helps work out the sale and keeps going all the way through production, delivery, and post-service.

The Anatomy Of Your Brand

  • Your brand is verbal: A brand includes your mission statement, your value proposition, your purpose statement, your taglines, and your slogans. It communicates a message. You use it to speak your language and show customers why you’re the solution to their problem.
  • Your brand is visual: Your brand has to be relevant, vibrant, and different. What are the colors? What’s the emotion? What is the feeling you want to transmit? You’ve got all your logos, colors, fonts, and images.
  • Your brand is an experience: Your brand is shaped by dynamic touchpoints in your customer journey. The way your staff answers the phone, the way your CM responds on social media, the layout and the narrative within your website, your customer service materials, all of that make your brand experience.

How To Know If Your Brand Is Working Well

You can identify what your brand is doing for you through these elements:

  • You’ve got more sales coming in: When your brand has the perfect differentiator, you’ll see more people interested in purchasing your products or hiring your service. This will be reflected positively on your sales.
  • You have more customer loyalty: You’ll start to notice more and more referrals as well as increased revenue. Your customers are now committed to your brand and have certain expectations about it.

Great Brands Don’t Happen By Accident

What does it take to create a bigger, stronger, and bolder brand? It takes hard work, dedication, and sacrifice. You have to be ready to make changes, test them, analyze the results, make more changes, and keep testing until you find what works best for your company. 

Differentiating your brand focuses on a logo, tagline, or slogan. These elements are great for distinguishing, but what you need is something that sets your brand apart from the rest and makes customers find your offer unique and convenient. You have to be prepared to continue adapting as your industry and the world around you change. 

Are you ready to put in the effort required to build a great brand?

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