Finding Your Brand’s Ultimate Differentiator
December 2, 2022

If you’re like most business owners, you’re always looking for ways to set yourself apart from your competitors. But how can you be sure that you’re doing things differently? And more importantly, how can you assure that those differences are valuable to your customers? 

When you and your competitors are offering the same thing, how do you stand out? The key is to focus on what makes you different – your unique selling proposition. By clearly articulating what sets you apart from the competition, you can attract the right customers and keep them coming back for more. So, what sets you apart from your customers? What is your unique selling proposition? 

What Makes You Better, Different, & Special?

No matter the size, every business can look inside themselves and say: where do we need to innovate? What sets us completely apart? You’re most certainly going to find it in at least one of these 3 areas.

What Makes You Better Than The Industry Average?

This makes reference to your industry’s status quo. What are the standard expectations customers have for a product or service like yours? How high or low are their expectations? For example, industries that provide customer service don’t have pleasant standards. Due to previous experiences, customers are predetermined to expect long waits, listen to a robotic script, and get switched back and forth between callers.

It’s your job to show that you understand the challenges of your industry and have come up with a differentiator that will completely revolutionize how this industry has been working. You can also challenge the industry and go out of your way to smash established standards.

What Makes You Different From Your Competitors?

You need to identify what makes you stand out when you’re side to side with the competition. Don’t focus on pricing. Trying to gain value through pricing is an outdated strategy. Customers don’t care about paying a little extra for your brand if, in the end, it really goes beyond fulfilling their expectations.

Being better isn’t enough anymore. You have to find a way to make your brand different from the rest. One that gives people the perfect reason to choose your business over the others. Ask yourself: what is unique about your brand’s approach? It can be the way in which you do business or talk to customers.

Look at what makes you different from your competitors and turn the volume up on that. 

What Makes You Special Within Your Culture?

Every company has a culture. This one isn’t created by organic design but by strategic design. So, your culture is either elevating by default, nurtured on purpose, or stalled out. Company culture is the only sustainable competitive advantage that’s completely within the control of the entrepreneur.

The leaders shape the environment, the team responds back to that leader, and the synergy happens in between. Make the energy around everything related to your brand be positive and easily palpable. Your brand culture has to represent something you’re passionate about. This plays a big role in the magnetic, charismatic nature of brands; they’re more alive, they’re more fantastic, they’re more spectacular, and they’re more remarkable.

Finding Your Brand Differentiator

When it comes to finding your differentiator, don’t mimic what your competition does. Focus on what makes you different. It isn’t worth it to battle any comparisons. Comparisons don’t bring as much value as real differentiation does. Your business is capable of more than you think you have in you.

Make people be grateful that they chose your brand. Once you have identified your differentiator, make sure it answers these questions:

  • Is it true to you? 
  • Is it relevant to your customers? 
  • Is that the benefit that your customers want and need? 
  • Is it truly provable? 
  • Do you have room to innovate? 
  • Where do you have room to demonstrate and communicate?

Make your brand memorable, not just in general business, but to your audience. Make it prominent using all your marketing resources. Finally, commit to it by testing and changing as much as necessary: that’s how you become different from your competitors.

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