Hire a CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) or an Executive CMO Team?
December 2, 2022

What is the difference between CMO and other marketing-related roles?

A chief marketing officer (CMO) is responsible for the entire brand experience, overseeing all traditional and digital advertising efforts. While other marketers can be responsible for one or more dimensions of marketing, they tend to focus on either the customer or the product. A CMO must concentrate on both.

A marketing manager (e.g., digital marketing manager) focuses on putting the right message in front of the right person at the right time to drive action or conversion and likely has a particular channel (e.g., email) that they excel in — and may oversee other marketers.

A product manager (e.g., digital product manager) focuses on building and evolving products to delight customers — and likely has a particular type of customer (e.g., business) or product (e.g., software) that they excel in — and may oversee other marketers.

While some marketers wear multiple hats, it’s still valuable to have a clear understanding of each type of hat that they wear. Doing so will allow your organization to select who best fits the role and help them succeed.

Types of Marketing Strategies by CMO

A marketing strategy refers to building and maintaining good relationships with its existing customers. It can also be known as “customer relationship management (CRM)” or “relationship marketing.” The main goal of these strategies is to sell more products or services. 

A CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) is a senior management position responsible for marketing activities within an organization. They ensure that all strategic and tactical steps to be performed in advancing business-relevant goals are well planned, set up, and executed. The CMO is accountable for the success of an organization’s marketing plans and objectives. They ensure that the right mix of valuable customer insights designs effective marketing strategies.

CMO Roles in a Business 

The CMO of a company has the responsibility to be a catalyst for the potential revenue growth of a business. Some CMO tribute this profitability by creating and maintaining a company-wide mindset, which is an essential factor in the CMO’s success. 

Another critical aspect of the role of the CMO is creating customer-oriented strategies that provide value-added brand awareness of the business. Using data analytics of specific target markets and demographics allows the CMO to understand the narrative in marketing campaigns. 

Keeping up with time is significant when dealing with the responsibilities of the CMO. Innovation becomes vital for growth and efficiency. Data and intelligence give the CMO a blueprint of markets and target audiences. 

CMO’s role as a chief storyteller is essential to the company’s overall image. Maintaining company brand and values within and outside of the company is vital to the perception of the business. It’s the responsibility of the Chief Marketing Officer to create campaigns that invite the consumers to participate in this narrative. 

Want to Put All Your Eggs in One Basket?

Hiring a CMO can be expensive, and not all companies would want to leave all the marketing strategies to one person. Some companies opt for an executive CMO team that can handle marketing strategies. This team of experts collectively has a powerful impact enhancing each person’s Marketing expertise.

A CMO team can depend on each other to work together, and their combined knowledge would be a ‘dream team’ for any company.

Marketing is an ever-changing field that always has new opportunities for companies. The CMO team can enhance marketing strategies and give companies access to more opportunities in different areas.

The Dream Team 

An executive CMO team may perform better than a single person. Some companies prefer to have one chief marketing officer who handles all marketing strategies, claiming that it is more efficient. 

However, the best marketing strategy is to hire an executive CMO team in some cases. A business can benefit from having different people with specific knowledge of each marketing area. For instance, an SEO person would know the best promotional methods for a website platform, while a content writer would know how to get more traffic from search engines. 

A team would benefit companies financially and through the broadness of knowledge that every member possesses.

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