Market Strategy: Lessons From the Move Framework
December 2, 2022
Many companies and entrepreneurs make the mistake of executing a marketing strategy without a well-thought-out plan. A poorly planned marketing strategy can be costly and have a disappointing outcome. That is why it’s crucial to learn about past experiences with the Move Framework.

The Move Framework is a North Star on how to create a predictable, repeatable system that builds businesses quickly while producing outstanding results for your customers. Bring your sales, marketing, and customer success together to bring a revolutionary customer experience that drives revenue and builds impressive companies. 

Building a Strong Customer Experience: At a Glance 

Companies are learning and applying a new era of digital customer service and experience to build lasting companies that drive culture and revenue. Companies are always looking to increase sales, improve marketing and provide an overall customer experience tailored to the needs of each client. 

In order for a company to succeed and have more significant results, the company must anchor its emotional intelligence when dealing with its customers. Such intelligence is more effective if the company understands and thinks with the client in mind, hence creating a more personalized customer experience. In this new era, this is how companies are achieving greater loyalty and an increase in revenues.

Loyalty Translates to Revenue

Any company is looking to find the best possible customer experience to create customer loyalty and trust. All this is not an easy task since customer preferences differ person by person. Companies are not only looking for a solid customer base but also at a reduced cost. 

We all know that loyalty translates to revenue, but acquiring that loyalty takes time and effort. A strong marketing strategy is vital to the success of your business. 

What happens if you do not have a market strategy and do not execute with the predictable and repeatable process? The result is lost revenue, unhappy customers, and frustrated employees. This happens all the time with companies and entrepreneurs that fall into this trap every single day!

It’s Time to Move with The Move Framework

The first thing to know about the framework is that it has 4 primary phases. These are Analyze, Strategize, Execute, and Repeat!

Companies should not make assumptions and instead try to use data to drive decisions. Often, in the early stages of a company or business is when you’re making your most significant mistakes that impact revenue and your ability to scale. The goal with this framework is to make better decisions about how you are executing, driving predictable results, which leads to more revenue!

Phases of Movement Framework 

Phase 1: Analyze

The first step is to analyze the market, competitors, and your team. The key here is not to make a decision too quickly but instead, take an action back and look at the data before making any assumptions.

The analysis isn’t a phase; it’s an ongoing process that must be incorporated into your company or business on a daily basis. We always ask ourselves questions like:

  • What data do we have?
  • What can we learn from the data?
  • How does that information impact the business or company today and in the future?

The key here is to not make assumptions but instead look at what data you do have.

Phase 2: Strategize

The next phase is all about strategizing and thinking through what it would look like if your company or business were executed at total capacity vs. just getting by. This includes strategies around building a sales team or developing new products and services etc.

Why is this phrase so important?

The biggest mistake we see with entrepreneurs and companies is that they do not strategize about how to execute at scale. Instead, they jump straight into execution mode, which prevents them from building a predictable process that can be repeated over and over again. The result is lost revenue, unhappy customers, and frustrated employees.

After answering all these questions, you can predict which target market has the best potential. 

Phase 3: Execute

The final phase of our framework is execution! This includes making the right decisions about how to build your product or service, who you are hiring, where you are spending money etc. If everything is executed correctly, then this will lead to predictable success for your company or business.

If executed correctly, the result will be more revenue, happier customers, and an overall better product.

Phase 4: Repeat

The last step in this framework is to repeat the cycle. This is how you build a fantastic company or business that can scale, drive revenue, and grow at a rapid pace! If you follow these steps, the result will be more revenue each month, allowing your company to hire key employees, invest back into R&D, and become profitable over time.

Hite Digital makes it a priority to help companies execute at scale. They help to create the best possible customer experience and marketing strategy exceeding customers’ expectations in a personal and human way.

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