The Impact of Voice Search on SEO and Digital Marketing
March 14, 2023

As the digital world rapidly evolves, trying to understand all the technical terms like PPC, GBP, and voice search for SEO can be confusing. To make matters more accessible, we’ll explain exactly what they mean!

Voice search optimization for SEO is all about crafting content that suits how people phrase their questions in a conversational and natural style. It’s also highly advisable to pay attention to long-tail keywords – inquiries with 3 or more words, such as “What type of shoes should I buy?” These are far more precise than single-word searches like ‘coffee’ or ‘shoes.’ With the proper focus on voice search, you can ensure your content stands out!

As the rise of voice search technology transforms digital marketing, it has never been more critical for small business owners in Oklahoma City to understand how this trend impacts their online presence and promotional strategies. Businesses can better position themselves in a competitive market by recognizing the capabilities of smartphones, tablets, and smart speakers that facilitate users asking questions or seeking data on the web.

Let’s look at how voice search differs from traditional text-based search and the implications for SEO and digital marketing. Don’t worry; it’s pretty straightforward

What is the Main Difference Between Voice Search and Text-Based Search

Voice and text-based search have their respective benefits and drawbacks, yet the one significant distinction is how they are formulated. Typing out a query or phrase makes up textual searches while verbalizing the request constitutes voice searches.

Voice search simplifies the searching process by allowing you to “speak” your query. Rather than laboriously crafting specific keywords and phrases, users can say what they want – voice recognition technology will do the rest of the work for you. This makes it a whole lot faster and easier to find whatever it is that you’re looking for!

Text-based searches have their unique benefits, particularly when it comes to finding specific items. For instance, a user searching for an article on an e-commerce website can type in the exact name of that product and get much more precise results than if they were to voice search it. Using text ensures you’ll find what you’re looking for faster!

Unlock the Power of Voice Search Optimization

As the popularity of voice-activated virtual assistants such as Alexa, Siri, and Google Home grows, content creators and digital marketers must prioritize optimization for voice search. For maximum success in this area, there are specific strategies you should consider. Ensuring your content is optimized for voice search will give you a significant edge over competitors!

To maximize your chances of being discovered through voice search, create content that centers around long-tail keywords. These phrases are far more specific and likely have fewer competitors than general terms. Moreover, these forms of language allow for a higher degree of naturalness in speech when searching.

Secondly, craft content that is akin to a dialogue. Voice search demands everyday words rather than keyword phrases, so creating pieces that feel like an exchange between two people is essential. This implies asking queries and using language naturally while providing precise answers for potential inquiries.

Focusing on local searches is essential to maximize your success with voice search optimization. People tend to utilize voice search when they need a nearby service or location; therefore, ensure you include pertinent area-related keywords in your content. Moreover, don’t forget to include your business’s operating hours and contact information, which could help people find what they are looking for more quickly. Contracting a solid digital marketing agency is the best way to do business in the digital arena. 

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