Your Company’s Rebrand Checklist
December 2, 2022
In these times, with COVID-19, companies redirect their efforts and learn new business ways. It is vital to communicate internally and externally when dealing with a restructuring or rebranding strategy. Understanding a company’s core values and perceptions is vital to its profitability. 

Lightbulb Ideas When Rebranding

Rebranding reasons may include changing markets, outdating marketing, mergers, globalization, or other factors like changing the company’s identity. 

Employees’ morale is an important aspect to consider when structuring a rebranding strategy. It is essential to communicate the company’s new intentions so team member morale can’t be affected. Marketers recommend that they are included even in the creative process to have everybody on board with the company’s new vision and direction. 

A plan of action is essential to ensure all moving parts work together while re-prioritizing company values. Keeping the message clear for the external audience is just as important to guarantee that product quality and service remain intact. 

It’s important to plan and research your potential rebranding strategy with the communications team of your company since most likely they are innately in the know of the external audience perception of the brand.  

A Fresh New Brand – Rebranding Made Effectively

Taking on a new brand must have the intent to add value to your target market. Rebranding has to begin internally to ensure that all internal audiences speak the same language with core company values. For employees, understanding the vision and mission of the company is vital to communicate these values to the external audience. 

Logo design, a shift in brand positioning, new ads, and the brand’s voice have to communicate the same message for an effective rebranding launch to the world. At the end of the day, what you communicate is the value added by your company to consumers, which is different from your competitors. What you say and how you say it has to be communicated masterfully to the specific target market. 

Most companies prefer to save on the cost of rebranding by revising their current logo instead of creating a new one. This strategy can be effective if there are no negative associations with the existing brand logo. However, the existing brand logo sometimes has negative associations that will not disappear. 

Merger Rebrand Synergy 

Effective planning for the rebranding strategy starts internally. To communicate it to the outside world, employees must understand the rebranding story and new company philosophy. When it comes to mergers, sometimes, the rebranding strategy means a new name is in store. Marketers advise that the old name be phased out for consumer sensitivities and perceptions. Effective marketing aims to make sure your brand entrenches the minds of your target audience. 

A new rebranding strategy or merger must depict the company’s growth and future expansion opportunities, creating a positive and secure message for consumers. Marketers should approach the communications team to understand consumer perceptions and guarantee a positive brand image. 

New Brand Reboot – 5 Steps 

Follow this guide to effectively rebrand your company so you can enter the market with a strong brand from the beginning. Know what it feels like to have a successful rebrand by following these five steps.

1st Step

Focus on internal branding before communicating externally as an organization. You must ensure that everyone aligns with the vision and mission of the company.

2nd Step

Create a style guide to maintain brand tone and voice from ad campaigns to tag lines for all audiences. Creating a style guide will make marketing much easier down the line by having everything documented in one place. You can also use this document as the training material before hiring new staff, so they know what is expected.

3rd Step

Create a brand story. The story helps your business tell the narrative behind what you do and represent (core values). Storytelling with the intent of showcasing core values engages customers. Developing a strong brand voice for external audiences is important to connect with the company and see why they should engage with you over other companies in your industry.

4th Step

Create guidelines to help you develop your rebranding strategy. Refine the messaging to decide what stays and what goes in terms of logos, tag lines, ads, voice tone, and style. Figuring out who your target audience is will help you decide if your message or branding is appropriate.

5th Step

Review your rebranding strategy with a select group of people that you trust to get honest feedback. Having a second opinion on the new brand before it goes public will help you stay on track with delivering a clear and effective message to your target market.

The best companies realize that knowing what not to do in marketing can be as important as knowing what to do. Hite Digital offers tools and guidelines for you to start thinking about restructuring your business.

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