Accelerate Your Growth & Increase Your Revenue

Are you looking for a way to break through the barriers holding you back from greater growth?

You need a wingman.

Most business owners and leaders have a hard time mapping the strategic steps to move their company forward.

What if you had someone to help you create a game plan for growth?

Who is in your corner helping you move your company forward?

Every Successful Visionary Has a Strategic Growth Partner

You need the right  person who will anticipate your needs

You need the right person who will challenge your processes

You need the right person who will champion your success

A Wingman to Visionaries

Over the last 12+years, I have started, grown, closed, and sold a handful of companies. I’ve learned that every successful leader has a partner who can come alongside them to help accomplish their vision. That’s why I am passionate about connecting visionaries to the right people and the right solutions, so they can succeed.

A wingman to your success!

Keagan Henson

Partner | Hite Digital Oklahoma City

Go-to-Market Strategies for Growing Companies

Let’s find the pathway to help your company take bold steps toward growth. These are the ways I partner with leaders to support their vision, so they can lead their organization and their people with excellence.

Strategic Planning

Brand Development

Digital Marketing

Lead Generation

Client Success

“A wingman doesn’t see from the view of what a leader wants; they see things from the perspective of what is truly needed and then map a plan to take action.”

Supercharge Your Success With a Wingman Session

What are you trying to figure out? Schedule a Wingman Session to gain clarity, so you can confidently make decisions and take action. I’ll help you and your team map a plan towards actionable growth.

Need To Troubleshot?

Schedule a complimentary 15-min call to talk about what barriers are holding your company back. This is a safe place to consider the people, processes, and tools you need to move forward.

Want to Brainstorm?

We’ll pull out the whiteboard and get the juices flowing with a brainstorming session. With fresh perspective and strategic ideation, we can create a gameplan for growth. Sessions are available in 90-min, half, and full-day time blocks.

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